Why Home Businesses Fail?

Delegation Marketing

It is a known fact that most based businesses fail shortly after they are started. Most businesses are started on a shoestring and usually the money used in starting a home business is from the cash flow of the business owner. The business will survive as long as the business owner is willing to fund the operation. Most all businesses never survive simply on their own cash flow because the business model is not one of survival. The model is a flawed model based on the duplication of others mistakes. Never could any business survive when failure is duplicated by failure.

How does this happen?

Home businesses are sold to individuals with each new business owner following the examples of the people who sold them the business. The one who sold the business idea to the business owner soon goes on to another business, and then they drop the one that they were initially selling. They flit from one business to another with every one failing, and eventually they stop because they finally decide they are tired of spending their hard earned capital on a losing proposition. The revenue that is realized from the business is very small or next to nothing, and after this is done for a few months, the new home business owner sees another opportunity and changes to the next greatest home business. Duplication of one business failure to another! This model has repeatedly been a failure system with few business owners winning. Why all of these years’ people have fallen for the hype and schemes that have easily extracted cash from people who desperately wanted to better themselves, and create income for their families is a great question? The only logical answer is that people are desperately trying to find a better way; therefore they think that if they keep trying they will eventually find the opportunity.

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For years people have spent money hoping that the promises, which were part of the sales marketing hype that was used to sell the business, only to realize failure instead of success. All the marketing used to sell the based business is based on following the strategy of duplication. The business, under its current structure, is simply a numbers game. The people setting up the home business and the ones selling the home business all know that they have to find work through a certain amount of people to get another person to buy into the home business. These same people know that the staying power of each and every home business owner will only stay a short period of time before they are off to the next opportunity. The winner is the person who is in their face when the potential business owner is looking for that new opportunity.


Here is the solution to success down and dirty! You must find a home business that gives you a very high income. Treat the business as if you are looking at a franchise opportunity and that the opportunity is costing you tens of thousands of dollars. If you were looking at a McDonalds Franchise and being asked to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars would you do your due-diligence? You bet! You would make sure that what you were getting was proven and that other owners were making money. You would check the business out. You should have that same intensity with the business that you are considering. You should act as if you are spending lots of money for the business because in essence you are.