9 Common Business Mistakes (And They’re Not What You Think)

This is an email from a client whom I have been consulting with and coaching for over five years. I thought I would share it with you. I asked him to provide feedback on this report. His comments are below as they came to me in the email. The content of the email follows:

My wife asked me if I learned anything from my last business. (She watched a program with entrepreneurs including the founder of Burton snow boards.)

I said: Make people follow the business processes we agreed on. Manage and spend all my time managing people (or hire someone to do it.) Fire those who do not follow the business process or do not have the skill sets. Think of myself and family first, not last.

I am still sorting out what I would do differently. I told her I know that I am not a manager, that I do not have the personality to manage, because I love to create things. So I have also realized that I need to create things, put a system in place and walk away. I have learned that I need to find others who are passionate about a project and partner with them. That way, I’ll accomplish more, faster. It is the OPPS thing: One Page Partnerships.

I like your report. I keep thinking banks should sponsor you to do webinars to their small business clients around your philosophy. They advertise for you, bring the customers together, you share with them this concept and give them the white paper etc. Maybe one of the smaller regional banks.

Is there any way you can add at the beginning?.

  • As a business owner your employees expect you to:
  • Listen to their problems
  • Be their friend
  • Understand when they have issue
  • Give them a break, then another, then another
  • Pay them more each year even when things are bad
  • Offer the latest benefits

Your customers expect you to:

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  • Deliver a product faster, cheaper

Your family expects you to:

  • Put food on the table
  • Buy the things that they need
  • Chauffer from place to place

SO HOW can you do everything well!

You deserve to invest in yourself! Nobody becomes small business owner with everything (skills) it takes to run a business. MANY learn that the business, because of lack of training and knowledge, RUNS their life.

Get YOUR life back. Invest in yourself.

So with that brief introduction, I bring you Nine Common Mistakes Business Owners Make (and they are not what you think.)

These nine common mistakes come from interviewing hundreds of business owners: the good one, the bad ones, the ugly ones. The good ones do things right. They may not understand that they are doing thing right, but they are. The bad ones have never been taught to be business owners. It is something they learn as they go. These owners probably never planned to be a business owner but through circumstances, they find they are running their own business. The bad business owners just do not care as long as they made money. They will leave a trail of bodies behind them.