Success Tips For Working At Home With The Network Marketing Business Model

Notice the word ‘work’ in this article’s title. That’s right any business takes hard work to develop over time and a home based business in Network Marketing is no different. Just think of yourself as the CEO of a major corporation. Because that’s what you really are with your Network Marketing business which has the potential to actually pay you like a CEO of any corporation and sometimes even more!

Treating a business like a REAL business will ultimately create wealth like a REAL business. This is where most people fall through the cracks so to speak because they just do not understand business and what it takes to succeed in one. Many join with a ”I’ll give it a try” attitude and it ends up being a hobby which ultimately pays like a hobby and all that really means is no profits like a business can generate.

Thinking like a CEO of a major corporation will help you to position yourself and condition your mindset to realizing that you are your own boss instead of having an employee ball and chain mindset. You are the one making the decisions for your future and the decisions you make will either give you long term financial freedom or long term slavery. Which one do you choose?

It’s important for any business person to set up a business plan for their future. Our team uses a written business plan that is sent out to each new partner because this gives the impression that we are in business to make a profit vs having a hobby. Think about where you’d like to be five years from now. The decisions you make now will affect that outcome. Set your 5 year, one year and one month goals. Write them down. Do not be afraid to dream BIG! Remember a goal is a dream with a deadline! Once you obtain one goal set a new and bigger one.

Make sure you set realistic daily goals you can achieve every single day that will lead up to your longer term goals and do not be afraid to change your goals and stretch to reach bigger ones. Prioritize your to do list and do the most important things first that are ultimately going to help you reach your long term goals. This usually means prospecting. Anything that has to do with you speaking with people about your company and products are going to be productive and help you to reach your long term goals.

The most important thing is to avoid procrastination to get where you want to be in five years. Devote a certain number of hours a week to your business. This will depend on your lifestyle and other activities that are important such as a full time job, taking care of your family, church activities, sports activities and other important priorities in your life. Putting a timer on your desk to help stay on track and to finish an important task without being sidetracked could help. The Internet is a great way to get sidetracked!

Places like yahoo groups, online communities, instant messenger are all ways to meet and communicate with people online but they can also be very distracting if a person gets caught up for hours in these areas. Make sure to use them wisely and productively and always keep a business mindset because ultimately the long term goal is to build a business using these resources. Develop a productive routine that helps you to obtain your short term goals that will lead up to your long term goals. Stay organized and focused with that long term big dream in mind at all times. This is why it’s important to write goals down or put photos up to always keep your mind refreshed on WHY you started a business in the first place.