How to Get the Case Off Your PC!

This is the first step to servicing, upgrading or eliminating https://tweetboard.me/ PC hardware from your PC. Refer to my other articles on including, upgading or getting rid of pretty much any piece of hardware.

First things first, get that case off your PC. This is usually finished via disposing of the screws at the returned. Don’t get rid of the ones near your energy supply! This will reason your strength deliver to fall out. Simply cast off the screws along the aspect that appear to be keeping the case to the frame. Usually, that is about 6-nine screws. This will eliminate each aspects. If you are aiming on simplest doing away with one facet (on occasion that is nice, as you simplest want to provider one facet) then dispose of the three screws preserving the one side on. (For clone PCs. For IBM/Compaqs, refer below). After you have the screws off either the only aspect, or both aspects, truely slide the edges off toward the the front side (the facet where the energy button is).

If you’ve got an IBM or Compaq, you will need to put off all the screws preserving the case onto the lower back, and then employ one or both methods. Some IBM PCs require you to “yank” the case off. Don’t be hard – just put off the screws, then maintain the PC in each palms and pull the case in the direction of you, in the route dealing with the front. Some of these may be pretty disturbing to get loose. The other technique is the usage of push tabs – a few PC instances have these, so if you are having problem, search for these dogs.