How Special the Event Must Be to Deserve a Luxurious Porta Potty?

A Red Tie dress code does not necessarily need the guests to put on a red tie when gracing the event; although guests could do so if they want to. It’s eventually a Black Tie affair but has been renamed as such, in order to urgently convey that the purpose of the gathering is to raise funds for a charitable organization. The red color, therefore, is not restrictive in terms of dress code but symbolic of purpose. As a fund-homesaura objective, this means funds are solicited in order to help the less fortunate people survive, or overcome life-threatening plights.

It is usual for Red Tie affairs to have celebs and well-known people in attendance. Their presence could attract a considerable number of guests who are willing to pay a huge sum for a charity dinner ticket. The number of attendees can fill up a thousand capacity sitting arrangement for a multi-course gala dinner, amidst a gorgeous formal garden setting in a private property. The greater the number of guests, the greater the amount of money that can be raised to fund a charitable purpose.

Because of the garden setting and the formality of the affair, it becomes a must for the event organizers to provide luxury mobile toilets during the event. Or else, well-dressed female guests dressed in clad in tight-fitting ankle-length costumes, have to struggle when hitching up their skirts inside the limited cramped space of a regular single-occupancy restroom. It would be weird and uncomfortable for tuxedo-clad gentlemen to stand in line while waiting for their turn in a single-occupancy toilet cubicle. Red Tie gala guests deserve to be treated with utmost reverence, by being provided with the most comfortable sanitation provisions.

A luxury porta potty toilet does not have to necessarily refer to the high-end type but is one that provides more space, where multiple guests can go inside the sanitation provision at the same time. Luxury porta-potties are container van-like structures that can have as many as four toilet cubicles in the ladies’ section, and as many as one toilet cubicle and three urinals in the gent’s section.

Some guests can freshen or preen themselves in front of the large vanity mirror while waiting for their turn at the restroom cubicle, mounted just above the washbasin and the laminated countertops. They can stay cool or warm inside the restroom since it’s well-equipped with heating systems and air conditioning. Even if the users have to wait for their turn, the availability of a music system inside the posh restroom provides the waiting guests some music for their entertainment.