7 Strict Locales You Ought to Visit In Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is known for its strict nature. The city has more than 34,000 Hindu sanctuaries which are a few centuries old. Assuming you are visiting the state for strict reasons, here are the absolute best strict locales that you ought to visit.


It’s the seat of the inestimable artist ruler Nataraja. This sanctuary has a cabin like sanctum with a gold-plated rooftop and transcending gopuras. History has it that numerous chola lords were joked here.

Basilica Of Our Woman Of Good Wellbeing

This is a Roman Catholic basilica that is committed to Our Woman of Good Wellbeing. The basilica is situated in Velankanni. Dedication to Our Woman Of Good Wellbeing is said to have begun in the sixteenth 100 years and is ascribed to the three supernatural occurrences which occurred at three distinct destinations around the Basilica.


It’s the biggest journey community in Tamil Nadu and the most popular of the six habitations of Murugan. The sanctuary has the biggest number of guests during the Poosam celebration. During this time the sanctuary draws in up 7 million fans. Lovers visiting the site take part in various exercises like shaving their heads and strolling shoeless as an approach to showing their commitment to the god.

San Thome Basilica

It’s a minor basilica in Santhome and was built in the sixteenth 100 years by the Portuguese pilgrims. The basilica is the primary church of the Madras-Mylapore catholic Archidiocese. The special thing with the Basilica is that it has an appended historical center.


It houses the Ranganathaswamy sanctuary which is a significant journey objective for the Vaishvana people group. It’s the biggest Hindu sanctuary on the planet (covering an area of 156 sections of land). It likewise has the tallest pinnacle on the planet (196 ft).

Poondi Madha Basilica

It’s situated in Thanjavur and houses the popular Poondi Madha Sanctuary which draws in huge number of pioneers.

Perur Sanctuary

It’s found 7 kms from Coimbatore rail route station and was developed by Karikal Cholan a while back. The sanctuary brags of places of worship to the managing god Patteeswarar. There are additionally many figures that are perfect to check out. Many individuals visit the sanctuary during the Panguni Uthiram celebration which is commended during the period of walk of each and every year.


These are probably the best strict locales that you can visit in Tamil Nadu. In the event that you are arranging of visiting the state you ought to feel free to do it as it’s a magnificent spot to be.