Unlock The Hidden Features Of The Whitening lamp Philips Zoom. Infinite Whitening With The Bleach Infiniter Chip

Philips Zoom is cold, painless teeth whitening with LED technology. With cold bleaching, the tooth tissues are not exposed to heat, and the tooth enamel completely retains its integrity. Thanks to LED technology and proprietary gel composition, the lamp makes it possible to make teeth whiter by 8 tones with the least sensitivity. At the same time, the effect of whitening persists for many years.

The Philips Zoom whitening lamp has hidden features, which you will now learn about in our article. Now, when using Philips Zoom, you do not need to spend money on replacing chips, which are enough for 4 procedures. Bleach Infiniter has created a unique unlimited chip for endless use.

Infinite Whitening With The Bleach Infiniter Chip

You need to reduce the cost of teeth whitening with a systemPhilips Zoom, consumables for which are quite expensive? Bleach Infiniter provides a unique opportunity to use the same light guide (gel activator) for more than 10 years. Unlimited Chip will get you closer to your desired result without any safety, quality or functionality issues. The chip is compatible with all models of Zoom lamps, including the 4th generation lamp.

The Bleach Infiniter chip will make the use of the light guide not only unlimited, but also safe. The company provides its customers with a guarantee for 10 years or 1,000,000 cycles, which means that you can not worry about the performance of the product during this time. In addition, users who doubt the performance of the chip can test it for 30 days, and, in which case, return it under warranty.

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Benefits Of Using An Eternal Chip For ZOOM

With a one-time investment in an unlimited chip, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Possibility to use the same device, but indefinitely.
  • Free yourself from being tied to certain consumables and, if you wish, you can use any gels that are much cheaper.
  • Ability to use the chip for all versions of Zoom.

How To Order An Eternal Chip For ZOOM

Buy unlimited chipsat the lowest price you can in the online store of the Bleach Infiniter manufacturer. You can order a Bleach Infiniter chip with a guarantee online on the website or by phone. Delivery is carried out worldwide.

Learn more about “Hack White Speed” on bleach-infiniter.com