Travel Writers Hustle For Freelance Travel Writing Jobs

Travel writing is definitely not for the thin-skinned, faint-of-heart, or slackers. To make it as a freelance travel writer, you must hustle for work and convince others that Baja Traveler the right person for the job.

After you receive a plethora of opportunities, you now have the task of balancing each client. Deadlines will differ and you must be extremely organized to keep track of them. On the other hand, you could get lucky and score a lengthy contract for one client.

Travel jobs such as travel writing require you to research, write, edit, market yourself, and be skilled at time management. You also must create a rate schedule, learn contract law and how to negotiate a contract, and research tax law for sole proprietors (self-employed).

If you’ve been freelancing for years, then you probably have a great portfolio with the contacts to match. After all, if you write one travel article it probably lead you to opportunities to write more travel articles.

For “newbie” travel writers, consider knocking on the door of the local newspaper and start a blog. Peruse the internet for opportunities to write for magazines. Writing for a newspaper or magazine can lead to bigger and better opportunities. If there’s one particular newspaper or magazine that you would like to write for, do not take no for answer! Keep submitting your work until the editor agrees to hear what you have to offer. Persistence can take you a long way in your travel writing career.

Tips to Travel Writing

  1. Start a blog. This is a great way to build your portfolio. Make sure to include a link to your blog when you send out emails to family and friends. Word-of-mouth is still a great way to advertise and it’s free!
  2. Constantly look for freelance leads. Look for freelance leads on websites such as “Google” words like “travel writing, freelance writing jobs, and travel writers” and look at the websites that “pop-up.”