Strength and Muscle Training While You Travel – A Body Building Tip

If you travel a lot, or have traveled in the past for any length of time, you know how hard it can be to get a workout in, eat right and maintain or make progress in your fitness when you are in and out of hotels. The fitness center that most hotels claim they have are often not adequate and seem to be a stationary bike with no seat and maybe a battered, multi-station weight stack machine. Some hotels have deals with near by gyms that offer discounts or free passes, but you could be too busy to take advantage of those offers-or worse yet, you could be staying in a place that has no equipment at all.

This article will help you while you’re on the road and want to workout and eat right. There are training programs, nutritional advice and some exercises that don’t require special equipment except for what you can locate within and around your average hotel room or home.

Tips on planning your traveling workout

Of course, the more planned out your trip is, the easier it is to accommodate working out, but honestly, when you are traveling you often don’t have a fully laid out plan and have no idea what equipment you will have access to.

  1. When ever you have a chance to workout, workout your total body. This is great because if you don’t have a chance to workout again for a couple of days, you’ve already worked everything. If you do have a chance to workout again within the next couple of days, you’ll benefit from this different training than your body is used to.

Here’s a sample total body workout arrangement. When doing this, only take short, 30-60 second rests between sets. How many reps you get will depend on the exercise you use, but you should shoot for around 10 to 15 reps for each set.

  • 5 sets chest
  • 5 sets back
  • 5 sets thighs
  • 3 sets shoulders
  • 2 sets biceps
  • 2 sets triceps
  • 2 sets calves
  • 3 sets abdominals
  1. Your body is virtually motionless while you are traveling, so when you feel up to it, especially on days when you’ve been traveling for a long period of time, do some stretching to help loosen up. Resistance training may not be very productive after being motionless all day and stretching is easy to do, doesn’t need any special equipment and can really help to relax you.