Social Anxiety and the Four Temperaments

My eyes had been opened ever seeing that I learnt approximately the “four temperaments”. The impact it had upon me and my social tension turned into very great.

People with SA are regularly involved, even terrified, of what other human beings think of them and are quite sensitive to the responses and actions of others. However, upon getting to know about the four temperaments, we get a higher perception as to what is honestly happening in the different man or woman’s head.

So, what are the “4 temperaments”, you ask? It is a theory of psychology which originated from the “four humours” idea of 460-370 BC. Basically, there are four persona categories: Sanguine, Melancholy, Choleric, and Phlegmatic. While you’ll maximum possibly find you have got traits from all four, most human beings will have substantially more in one or of the kinds.

Here is a summary of the four categories, and the way know-how this may help you comprehend that what you interpret isn’t always virtually what the other character may be wondering:

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The Sanguine is the extrovert, the talker, the optimist. They are the life of the, the centre of attention, and love to talk. They also are acknowledged sometimes to be forgetful and disorganised.

Someone with social anxiety may additionally find this outgoing and carefree character kind intimidating. Sanguine personalities can generally tend to say matters without thinking them via first. Usually, what they are saying was now not meant to be hurtful, and some individuals may not understand how someone may want to probable have social anxiety. They also can make fun of factors that different people find embarrassing (but Sanguines sincerely don’t see it that manner). If they do blurt out something offensive, take it with a grain of salt as they probable did no longer surely imply it in the manner you have got interpreted.

On the alternative hand, Sanguines are the great form of humans to have conversations with in case you are genuinely not lots of a talker. They will recognize a great listener, and you may appreciate not having to mention lots.


The Melancholy is the introvert, the thinker, the pessimist. They are analytical, perfectionists, and usually critical human beings. They can also take things too individually and be over sensitive.

The Melancholy persona will regularly reply to matters negatively. If they shoot down some thing you say, it is able to now not be as non-public as you watched. They can regularly see the worst in matters and may not even recognise that they have got offended you (being in this category myself, I can definitely vouch for that). Sometimes this persona can get very particular and indignant in terms of neatness and perfection. If this occurs, simply smile knowingly when you realise that is very usual behaviour of the Melancholy.

On the alternative hand, those with Melancholic tendencies also are passionate, worrying, and loving. They are pretty open minded, and plenty of are willing to empathise or speak deep subjects.