Resistance Band Review – What Are They and How Do They Work?

It is understood that a lot of health and fitness practitioners nowadays not just use dumbbells but are making use of an inexpensive and portable equipment as well to make their muscles wobble. Most especially, the core muscles are involved in the workout with the use of these bands but you can’t precisely measure your progress. These are just so handy that you can bring it anywhere at anytime and utilize it at your wwwcbdbossus. So there is no way you can forget your daily trimming. A resistance band review will be very helpful if you need additional info on them.

Resistance bands are usually color-coded representing the different levels of resistance, utilized in strength training exercises. Typically, the colors of the bands are Yellow (thin), Red (medium), Green (heavy), Blue (extra heavy), Black (special heavy), and Silver (super heavy), though not in all brands. The band’s length can also change the resistance, not just the color. The shorter the length of the band is, the harder the exercises can be done.

Before every start of any kind of exercises, warming up your muscles and joints before applying resistance is the cleverest thing to do. This will definitely prevent the body from injuries. Five to 10 minutes of light aerobic exercises followed by 5-10 minutes of gentle exercises to cool down should be done before anything else. Anyone can use these bands just the same way as they do with their dumbbells. Throughout the exercise, one should be holding the band comfortably like wrap it on the hands, use the bands with handles, or tie knots at the ends.

For the resistance band exercises, 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions or to 25 for the easier colored bands, should be completed. Some of the resistance band exercises are the squats, bent over rows, alternate lying chest presses, diagonal woodchops, triceps extension, lunges, lateral rows, and biceps curls. Do not forget to rest for 1 or 2 minutes every after sets of exercises done. When pulling the band against the resistance, the muscle work hardly to stretch and that is how the muscle is toned. Try to read other sites that provide a resistance band review, so you can compare the products and learn about the proper usage.