Medication Compliance Kit … A Life Saver

Pill Proof LLC introduces the primary, easy to apply remedy compliance kit for customers and medical experts. Owner, Jane Langdon, has a sister in law with Parkinson’s Disease. While travelling her sister in law’s doctor, he cited that the biggest problem together with her progress changed into correctly taking her many medications. Jane asked if there was a device available to help her. The health practitioner responded,” No, I desire there was”. Jane requested if she made one, would he be interested in it. “Make it and I will use it”, he said. After two prototypes, the medical doctor authorised it. That was the start of her new commercial enterprise at [http://www.Sew-beautiful.Us/pillproof]

The kit consists of a big obvious 36 compartment hinged pill case, stickers for the time of day, 8′ x 10″ erasable particular medicinal drug charts and a pager length alarm with 31 alarm or vibrator settings in keeping with day. All the products are warranted and quantity reductions are to be had.

Jane has other successful net companies. Jane says her background from a scientific own family changed into useful in growing and selling the Pill Proof kit. The facts of non compliance are startling. She added that nine out of each 10 outpatients are taking prescribed medicines improperly, contributing to prolonged or additional contamination, More than a hundred twenty five,000 Americans die every yr due to prescription remedy non compliance, two times the quantity killed in vehicle injuries,1,000,000 Americans are hospitalized every year because of medicinal drug errors, extra than 1.3 million of US sanatorium admissions every year and one hundred twenty five,000 premature deaths are because of headaches from humans now not following medicines properly, and issues associated with medications have been the fourth leading purpose of death – in the back of heart ailment, most cancers and stroke.


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