Free Travel Vouchers: Ten Businesses That Use Them

Free travel vouchers are used by countless businesses worldwide to increase sales, improve customer loyalty, increase brand awareness and provide real value to associates, customers and prospects for an insignificant investment of time and money. Businesses use no-cost vacation certificates in many different ways – including rewarding their own staff and employees. In fact, some companies are based entirely upon selling or distributing these certificates in some way. In order to learn if this could benefit you and your company, the following is a list of ten businesses that use free travel vouchers along with descriptions of how they use them:

1.) Non Profit Organizations

Because non-profit agencies rely on the generosity of others in order to survive, having a way to reward people for their donations or contributions is critical. Many NPOs provide free travel vouchers to their supporters. Often this is scalable: the larger the donation, the better the free vacation package. This can range from simple airfare to airfare with hotel reservations and other perks.

2.) Travel Agencies

It might seem difficult to imagine why a travel agency would want to give away free airfare or hotel stays. However, there are very sound reasons for doing this. For instance, a travel agent may offer free airfare with the booking of a cruise, or a free hotel stay with the booking of airfare. These agencies can also reward clients and associates for referrals with free vacation incentives.

3.) Realtors

Real estate agents use free travel vouchers to seal a deal when the customer needs a little incentive to make up their mind. This can be a substantial benefit for customers who are ehmtic 2014 property, which can be a long and expensive process. The prospect of a free, relaxing vacation can be a very tempting one for someone in this situation. Additionally, realtors can offer travel certificates to encourage lead generation or to reward people for referrals. Especially savvy agents sometimes surprise homeowners with a free travel voucher as a welcome-home gift.

4.) Mortgage Lenders

Free travel vouchers are used by mortgage lenders and brokers to entice customers to buy mortgage products. They are especially useful in this industry to pay or reward for referrals and leads. Lenders having difficulty making a sale use these certificates as an immediate enticement to close the deal. In some cases, homeowners can get a no-cost vacation by taking out an equity line of credit, second mortgage, or by refinancing their current mortgage. Free airfare and hotel stays are powerful incentives for customers to purchase these already-valuable products and services.

5.) Insurance Agencies

Insurance agents regularly use no-cost vacation certificates as an incentive for a new or existing customer to sign for a new policy. Customers can also be rewarded with these valuable coupons in return for keeping an appointment with an insurance representative. Some insurance companies send out surveys to potential customers in an effort to generate new business, and free airfare and resort vacations are an excellent way to prompt even the most hesitant consumer to at least fill out and return the document. Like mortgage lenders, real estate agents and travel agencies, insurance agents also pay for or reward referrals with free travel vouchers.