Do Weed Delivery Drivers Smoke Weed?

The use of marijuana is becoming increasingly popular and accepted in many parts of the country, with more and more states legalizing it for medical and adult use or recreational use. The use of cannabis is also becoming more normalized and more widely accepted by the general public.  Even if you are not a marijuana user, you may agree with marijuana legalization, decriminalization or recognize some of the amazing benefits the cannabis plant has to offer.   With this increased acceptance and availability, comes the rise of weed delivery services, which bring the product directly to the customer’s doorstep. However, one question that many people may have is whether or not the drivers delivering the weed smoke weed themselves. In this blog post, we will explore this question and provide some insight into the topic.

It is important to note that the use of marijuana is still illegal under federal law, even in states where medical and adult use of marijuana has been legalized. This means that all employees, including delivery drivers, are subject to drug testing and can be fired for testing positive for marijuana. Therefore, it is unlikely that drivers would be smoking weed while on the job, as this would put their employment at risk.

Strict Regulations

Furthermore, many delivery companies have strict policies in place regarding drug use by employees.  State licensing, safety, and compliance divisions also require strict policies regarding drug use by employees while on the clock.  This can include regular drug testing, as well as strict guidelines on when and how employees can use marijuana. For example, some companies may have a zero-tolerance policy for drug use, while others may allow the use of marijuana outside of work hours.  It is important to note state and federal employees may be held to a higher or stricter standard even in states where medical marijuana and or adult-use cannabis has been legalized and the majority of the voting population supports legalization and often cannabis decriminalization.  It would be quite ironic if a dispensary or provisioning center that sold THC and CBD products would not. 

While Not Working

However, it is also important to note that just because a delivery driver may not be smoking weed while on the job, it does not necessarily mean that they do not use it at all. Many people who use marijuana do so responsibly and recreationally, and may not see it as a hindrance to their ability to perform their job duties.  It would be ironic for a job working directly in the cannabis industry to have a strict no-cannabis-use policy for any employee while not on the clock.  

Additionally, some states have laws that protect employees from discrimination based on their use of marijuana outside of work hours. This means that even if a delivery driver tests positive for marijuana, they may not be fired if they only use it outside of work hours and it does not affect their job performance.

It’s also worth mentioning that marijuana delivery services are not the only ones that have strict policies regarding drug use or on-the-job cannabis use, most of the companies and employers have the same policies to keep their employees safe and the company running smoothly.

Marijuana delivery is legal in more and more states.  It is a convenience for many adult use and recreational customers over the age of 21.  However, it is a necessity for many medical marijuana users who cannot drive or are too sick to leave home.  Some medical patients prefer to have their medical cannabis delivered because they have compromised immune systems.  Leaving home and shopping at a dispensary may expose them to germs, a cold, a flu virus, and more recently the Covid 19 virus.  

Marijuana delivery services have been a safe way for many cannabis patients to get their lab-tested cannabis medicine in a safe and cost-effective way.  Many marijuana dispensaries offer free delivery services, free delivery with a minimum purchase, or a small delivery fee.  

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How Do I know if my Favorite Dispensary offers Delivery Service?

Many dispensaries advertise delivery services in the retail store and online on their website.  A customer can always ask while he or she is in the store or call and ask the receptionist if they deliver to customers.  A dispensary may even offer a special discount or free item for the first time a customer.  Some dispensaries or provisioning centers offer cannabis delivery and it is as easy as a phone call or an online order.  For example, a customer can place an online order directly from the cannabis store’s website.  Many locations require a valid driver’s license or state identification card as proof that the customer is over 21 and legally able to buy adult-use cannabis where legal.   A valid driver’s license or state ID card may also be a state requirement.  A customer pays for the product or products once the delivery driver has safely delivered the order.  

The smell tests!  

Marijuana has an unusual odor or smell.  In particular, the dried cannabis plant or weed which is ground up and inhaled has an unusual order.  Some people think marijuana stinks or worse that it smells like a skunk. A cannabis lover enjoys the smell.  In fact, some cannabis lovers or potheads say the smellier the weed the better the weed.  If your cannabis delivery driver smells like weed does that mean he or she is also high?  No.  The cannabis products that the delivery driver is carrying can be the source of the smell.  Or if the delivery car is used primarily to deliver marijuana, there could be a lingering smell.  Cannabis buds will smell much more than a THC edible, gummy, concentrate, tincture, or balm.  These other items may have a very faint smell, faint smell, or no weed smell at all.  

In Conclusion

In conclusion, it is unlikely that weed delivery drivers smoke weed while on the job, as this would put their employment at risk and go against company policies.  It is against the law and workplace policy for marijuana delivery drivers to smoke while on the job. They are expected to perform their job duties and responsibilities in a professional manner and comply with all of the city, state, and federal laws and regulations put in place to protect each community. It would also put fellow drivers and pedestrians at risk as well.  Driving while smoking weed is driving under the influence just as drinking alcohol and driving is illegal.  However, whether or not they use it outside of work hours is a personal choice and may not have an impact on their job performance. It’s important to remember that marijuana use should always be done responsibly and that many people use it without it affecting their ability to perform their job duties.  Furthermore, many people use marijuana for medical issues including pain relief, inflammation, depression anxiety and so much more.  

One last tip! Don’t forget to tip!

Some customers ask if they are allowed to tip their delivery driver or if the delivery driver expects a tip.

A tip is always welcomed for good customer service.  Some drivers rely on tips as part of their income much like a pizza driver or waitress relies on tips as part of their pay.  A customer should not have to tip or should never feel pressured to tip a delivery driver if the service is poor.