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Latest News from King’s Lynn and West Norfolk

Speedway Update

Tobiasz Musielak, one of King’s Lynn’s top speedway riders, has left the team due to injury. This has come as a significant setback for the team as they adjust their lineup for upcoming events​ (Radio West Norfolk)​.

Road Safety Campaign

West Norfolk police are intensifying their efforts to target reckless drivers throughout July. This crackdown aims to reduce road accidents and promote safer driving practices in the area​ (Radio West Norfolk)​.

Community Funding

Local community projects in West Norfolk now have the opportunity to apply for new funding. This initiative aims to support various community activities and improvements​ (Radio West Norfolk)​.

Detective Recruitment

There’s a new pathway to becoming a detective in West Norfolk. The police department has introduced a streamlined process for those interested in joining the force in this capacity​ (Radio West Norfolk)​.

Soapbox Derby

The annual Soapbox Derby has seen a record number of entries this year, with over 60 participants. This event continues to be a highlight in the West Norfolk calendar, attracting a wide array of competitors and spectators​ (Radio West Norfolk)​.

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