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Free Legal Advice: What It Is and How to Get It

Free legal advice is available to people of all income levels. There are a number of organizations that offer free legal services, including legal aid societies, pro bono programs, and law school clinics.

What is free legal advice?

Free legal advice is confidential advice from a lawyer about your legal rights and options. It may include advice on how to resolve a legal problem, how to draft a legal document, or how to prepare for a court hearing.

Who is eligible for free legal advice?

Eligibility for free legal advice varies depending on the organization providing the services. Some organizations may have income limits, while others may only provide services to certain groups of people, such as veterans, seniors, or people with disabilities.

How to get free legal advice

To find free legal advice, you can contact your local legal aid society or pro bono program. You can also search online for free legal advice services in your area.

Here are some tips for getting free legal advice:

  • Be prepared to provide basic information about your legal problem, such as the type of problem, when it started, and who is involved.
  • Be honest with the lawyer about your income and assets. This will help the lawyer determine if you are eligible for free services.
  • Be respectful of the lawyer’s time and expertise.
  • Ask questions and take notes.

What to expect from a free legal consultation?

During a free legal consultation, the lawyer will listen to your legal problem and ask you questions. The lawyer will then explain your legal rights and options. The lawyer may also provide you with advice on how to resolve your legal problem.

What if I need help with a legal case?

If you need help with a legal case, the lawyer may be able to represent you pro bono. Pro bono representation means that the lawyer will represent you for free. If the lawyer cannot represent you pro bono, they may be able to refer you to another lawyer who can.


Free legal advice is a valuable resource for people who need help with legal problems. If you are facing a legal problem, contact your local legal aid society or pro bono program to see if you are eligible for free services.

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